Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wet Weather = One Floor Down

Due to the 'orrible weather of late, Tuesday Night Trix has been living on the second floor down from the top layer (rain can't stop play). Although a healthy downpour helps make the top of the carpark "Do A Skid!" heaven, it's not much fun playing in the bitter London winter weather.

Ok so the pillars take a bit of getting used to, and the low roof can prove "interesting" however the one bonus is that the beat box sounds much louder!

So bring on the rain, we don't care! We've got Beer, Bicycles & Tunes!

p.s. Hello to all the new faces who've been turning up too, we've had people coming to learn to trackstand, through to people who've been well and truly showing us all up!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Our New Home


TUESDAY NIGHT TRIX happens every Tuesday night on the top floor (one down if it's raining) of the Whites Row carpark in East London. Originally coming from the lfgss forums it's now grown into a regular meet up for everyone interested in fixed wheel trix riding.

Everyone is welcome, from people who want to learn how to trackstand through to pro-riders pulling tricks to make your eyes pop out. With an informal and really welcoming atmosphere, everyone up on the roof is there to ride bicycles, teach each other tips and then sit down for a beer to nurse those bruised knees and egos.


1) Bring a bicycle, if you're not here to ride, well you should be
2) Share, if you see someone struggling with a trick, then go give them a tip
3) learn something new, pull your finger out and give it a go, it's not that far to fall down
4) clean up after yourself, the people who run the carpark are lovely, lets not make their job harder.


From 18:30
Every Tuesday